Video converting software that burns files to DVD

Video converting software that burns files to DVD

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vso software

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VSO Convert X to DVD allows you to take almost any format of digital video that is stored on your computer hard drive and alter the file so that it can be easily burned to a viewable DVD that will work in most standard players. While this is the basic function, there are actually quite a few other wonderful things that this application can do to make your projects a lot more entertaining and professional. Whether you are taking movies you've bought digitally and turning them into viewable discs or making custom projects from home movies, picture slide shows or presentations, you will find VSO Convert X to DVD the right program to use.

The best thing about this program is the ease with which it can be operated. For basic functions, it is simple to select a file, point it toward a location, and start the conversion process. You will find quickly that this sort of functionality is incredibly intuitive, and there are even a few basic wizards to help you get started until you get the hang of the software itself.

You will also find that the options that this program affords the user are exceptional. It is actually incredibly easy to create menus for your custom DVDs, for example, either using any number of backgrounds, designs, and selection visuals that come loaded with the program or adding your own custom ones. You can control whether there are thumbnails or not, whether they move, what part of the film they show, and how long they run. You can add subtitles and have a lot of control over how they play and where they are placed on the film. While it's not fully professional quality in most cases without a lot of work and customization, you can still get a functional menu and options with very little effort on your part.

This does, however, lead to a problem. The way the user interface is designed is not very intuitive for complex tasks. In most cases, the options are part of a tree of accordion menus with fairly vague titles so that you cannot see everything you can do and don't necessarily know where anything actually is. Sometimes options are on later screens after pressing Next a few times, but there's no reason for them to be there and not elsewhere.

Finally, conversion takes quite a while and uses resources pretty heavily on your system. An average two hour movie can take up to four hours to convert and then longer to burn, all while slowing down your other programs.

Overall, it's an excellent program if you take the time to learn it and don't expect quick turnarounds.


  • Can reformat almost any formatted video into a DVD-ready set of files
  • Plenty of options for customization of your DVD
  • Simple to operate basic functions of the program


  • Takes a very long time to convert and burn
  • Not very intuitive user interface

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